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“Crush” — Now Available


Buy “Crush” Now!


4 thoughts on ““Crush” — Now Available”

  1. I just bought Crush and at first I was disappointed because I was expecting what I heard live but I didn’t actually want to give you any shit because of how stickler the labels can be and whatnot but Jordan-Morgan: you’re so much better live than on this recording. I think the world needs to hear what you do in concert instead of this pop shit that you hear on the radio all day long. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Crush after 3 listens but I want to hear what I heard when you were on stage.

  2. Its great that as an artist you can be creative and do any thing you want. You are extremely talented! Ive seen all sides of your music and with every new tune you amaze me. Keep moving forward keep being creative.

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