The Sweet Hereafter

hey folks,

I have just wrapped up in the studio and I am glad to announce that my new record, The Sweet Hereafter, is done and should be released very soon via 7 Spin / Sony.
A lot of work was put into this record. I have written a lot of cool songs over the past 3 years but I don’t regret that even the best ones didn’t make the cut. I wanted this record to tell a story instead of just having a ton of songs on it just to fill time. I am sure that a lot of people are expecting “Redcrow,” but I want to save that song for another session.. even one of my favorites, “The Better Part,” didn’t make it. But again, I don’t regret not having those songs on this record. Playing live is my ultimate playground and it’s a place where we can enjoy the songs that aren’t on any records.. not making any promises or commitments when I say this but I want to toss the idea around for a little bit to have my next record recorded live at various shows around the country. The Sweet Hereafter means a lot to me and touches a lot of fine points on my journey for the past 3 years. I wouldn’t call it a “concept album” but you could if you wanted. All the songs tie together in the order they’ve been placed. I am looking forward to sharing The Sweet Hereafter with you and I hope that it means as much to you as it does to me.

Thank you for all your support over the years. I’ll be seeing you on the road,

The Sweet Hereafter:
01. Come Out and Say It
02. Magazine
03. True Blue
04. A Little Bit Harder (Feat. Megan McCormack)
05. Leave Your Light On
06. Corn Stacks and Coal Mines
07. Railroad Bend
08. Cloverfield
09. Needle & Thread


6 thoughts on “The Sweet Hereafter”

  1. Just bought Sweet Hereafter. It’s good but you are much better live… (More reason to see you again)

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