Update: April 12, 2013

so i’ve been on the road for a bit with Orion Walsh and the tour so far has been great.. a little crazy at times but such is life. i wanted to take some time to thank everyone who has come out to the shows and to the new listeners who have attended. there have been many of you who have been asking about the records that are on the way. in all honesty, sometimes it is a very hard question to answer.. i have been saying, “soon,” but i have also mentioned that music will be released in may. there are all kinds of weird details that actually go into releasing a record with a label. it’s all got to do with timing. i can’t get into specifics but i want to address that i want to release a free 3-song EP in the next week or 2 available for download. this is my way of saying, “thank you.” thank you for your patience. thank you for coming out to the shows. thank you for your conversation. thank you for your time. new music is on the way. it would probably be best if i were to say, “when it’s available, i will let you know.” it may not be the answer you want to hear, but that’s why i want to give away a free download of 3 new songs. stay on the lookout for that and i’ll see ya’ll on the road.



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