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Let’s Bring In The New Year: Update 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s certainly been off to an interesting start, that’s for sure. While wrapping up the solo dates in Tennessee and Arkansas and embarking on the Tale of a Broken Compass Tour with Orion Walsh, the van broke down in Missouri.. not fun. In turn, I had to postpone my end of the dates while Orion continued on the journey. With much help and support, I am able to jump back on tour in Valparaiso, Indiana on January 16th and continue to be on the road with Orion Walsh until January 22nd in Cincinnati, Ohio. After that, I will continue playing solo and support dates in Illinois and Michigan.

As I have mentioned on my facebook page, I am currently writing for my new album and will be taking a bit of time off  from the road to get all the songs written. Although, I have had plenty of time here in the motel room to focus on the songwriting and direction of the new record. I’ve posted a new demo on soundcloud of a song called, “Mexico” which will (hopefully) be on the next record.

I am looking forward to getting back out on the road and start diving into more songwriting. I hope everyone has been doing well.
Thank you for your support and may 2014 be amazing,


1 thought on “Let’s Bring In The New Year: Update 2014”

  1. JM: My boyfriend and I saw you in Milwaukee and we wanted to know what album the song Mexico is on or will be on. Thanks, Brandi & Scott

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