Tour Journal


Thank you to those who came out to the Homemade Maps Tour (journey #1) and to those who bought the new releases.

Tour can always be tricky. Life happens on the road.. shows have to be postponed.. you sign yourself up to take on a new adventure. What ever the outcome, you still signed up. You take the ride, and take it for what it is. You see things you don’t want to see. You are forced to come out of your comfort zone in many stages of life. You become disturbed by watching the world you live in become more and more corrupt by the hour, on CNN. 5 minutes before you hit the stage, you see a 12 year old boy in Jerusalem on TV getting the shit kicked out of him by 3 grown men they called “soldiers.” Then you’re in a car and the brakes give out. You feel called to spend time with the homeless and give them cigarettes to get by. You’re praying to God you don’t die when your entire body cramps up due to an overwhelming what-could-have-been-near-death-experience. You practice a nocturnal lifestyle and some nights, the brain won’t shut up and let you sleep. You’re hundreds of miles to your final stop and you’ve run out of money. You’re stuck but you’re thankful for the people in your life who put you up. You continue working hard through the struggles. You speak perseverance.

Just like the old man said, “no one will understand your life or dream for you.. that’s up to you to understand. And one day, everything will all make sense.”



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